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Become a BLIX mentor

Give More. Grow More. Be More.

Mentoring sessions are informal, based on your availability and 

with no massive time commitment.

As a BLIX mentor you have a minimal time requirement and you have no formal structure to follow. This means less burden on you and let's you impart your style.

Just be you and share your wisdom.

There is no preparation required just a genuine openness and willingness to listen, advise and help someone pursue their aspiration and personal growth.

What our mentors donate 

Mentors give weekly or monthly 30-60 minutes of their time for bite-sized mentoring.


Some donate monthly 30 or 120 minutes for quick advisory sessions. 

Others record 30 minutes leadership training/interview.  

* All sessions are managed by mentors in their Calendaly App. These sessions are ad-hoc based on mentors' availability/ according to their open calendar slots.

You control your calendar. And if you

have no time one week or month its 1 click to block your calendar.

What our mentoring sessions offer

Expert Industry Knowledge in Digital marketing, Data Science, Product management, Software Engineering, Programming, AI, Entrepreneurship.

Mentors host advisory sessions for Interview Excellence, CV/ Cover letter, Workshops, Career Advice,  Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health.    


Ask Me Anything session - BLIX Mentors share what's like to work in their company/industry with jobseekers, graduates and students.     

*All sessions are hosted by you - the BLIX mentor - via online conferencing on Zoom or Google Meet.

How our mentors support

Help mentees secure  their dream jobs.


Coach mentees to level up their skills for job promotion. 

Inspire mentees to start new business/projects.

Empower mentees to develop new  skills for career change.  

Guide mentees through goal getting journey. 

Become a MENTOR in 3 easy steps:


Create a profile page by logging in to BLIX website (top right).


Navigate to your profile page on the membership tab, edit your bio and add session description. click to see an example.  


Add a link to your own account. Mentees will use this link to book free time/session with you. 

Watch step by step guide 

* Mentees will be able to read your profile, understand what sessions you offer and use your own Calendly link to book free time in your calendar with very little effort from you. Good luck!

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