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BLIX  Colorintech

BLIX network is pleased to announce a partnership with Colorintech to launch an initiative specifically designed to champion diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. 

"If we open the door for inclusive and diverse candidates they will open the door for others." - Karol Ussher

What does our initiative offer you?
Knowledge Exchange

Free monthly masterclass for startups focused on product development, operational excellence, sales strategy, GTM strategy, and leadership development. 


Free career mentoring from high caliber leaders; President, COOs, CTOs, Senior Managers @ top companies like Amazon, Apple, Ericsson, Google, DeepMind, Intel 


Free coaching for startups from proven successful product managers, technical professionals, industry scale-up experts.  

Areas of skills growth
  • Interview Mastery

  • CV & Cover letter

  • Digital Marketing

  • Go-To Market Strategy

  • Big data

  • Communication

  • IT Sales Strategy

  • Leadership

  • Business development

Who should sign up?

Aspiring diverse leaders from ColorinTech community who want to

  • grow and develop their career

  • startup companies who want to scale-up

I'm interested, What is the next step? 

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