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Book Free Advisory Sessions

At BLIX we welcome members to book free session with Advisors.

1. Identify the BLIX Advisor to contact

2. Book a time via their profile page Calendly link

3. Meet, Learn, Share

Below are just some of our Advisors, you can book time with other members here.

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Olivia Kolo

I am a senior artist marketing and partnership manager at Amazon Music. I provide marketing and career coaching.

Diversity & Inclusion

Chafic Nassif

I have lived and worked in a multitude of cultures globally covering 4 continents and I am here as a mentor/coach to help young aspiring professionals with advice on how to manage international corporate life and achieve their full potential.

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Big Data

Mike Bugembe

Big data enthusiast 

paul russell.jpeg
Design Thinking

Paul Russell

By focusing on diverse (design ) thinking I can encourage people to look for blind spots in their approach to solving problems which can help them challenge bias in their organisation. Over 30 years experience in business leadership......

Mental Health

Loubna Wortley

I spent most of my career in sales working with large enterprises solving business challenges with technology and innovation. I have in parallel developed a strong interest on emotional intelligence and its application in the real world!


Kaz Traverso

I provide session on career advancement. 

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Amy Wu

Your CV gets you in the door so make a good first impression. 


Neil Staunton

CEO and Founder I have in parallel developed a strong interest on emotional intelligence and its application in the real world!

Interview Excellence

Karol Usher

I've taken successful interviews for roles at Microsoft, Google, AWS, Alexa. There are a set of common guiding principles, techniques and frameworks to ensure you effectively communicate your experiences, skills and achievements.


Job Maelane

I have worked with & for a number of global organisations in shaping technological solutions for their customers and employees. I have navigated through the corporate world in a fairly modestly successful way which I intend to share with my mentees.

Self Development

Ambreen Nadeem

I am a psychologist  and marketing researcher 

Mental Health

Henry Coleman

I have over 20 years experience with start-ups and corporate businesses.  I am self-employed as photographer, software & hardware engineer.  My objective is to give you the tools and awareness to help navigate in business... 

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