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BLIX Press Release Thursday 13th May 2021

Karol Ussher Recognised by

The EMpower Top 100 Ethnic Minority Executive Role Models 2021

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"Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We have some of the smartest people hidden away who didn’t have the access nor the network nor the belief… BLIX helps lower the barriers that exist for these diverse candidates" - Karol Ussher


The BLIX Team are so proud to see Karol Ussher, founder of BLIX Network make the Global EMpower Ethnic Minority Executives Role Model List 2021 supported by Yahoo Finance! This list by @INvolvepeople celebrates Global Executive Role Models in business who are driving the charge for inclusion both inside and outside their companies. It’s an honour to see Karol recognised for his tireless work and vision in creating BLIX Network. YA big thank you goes out to the volunteers, leadership team and BLIX Mentors that make this network possible. You can view the full lists at and Yahoo Press Release here linked


Who is Karol Ussher?

Karol has led Global Products, Programs & Teams for over 15 years in Big Tech at Apple, Google, Microsoft AWS & Alexa always focusing on inclusive leadership. He has pioneered new inclusive features for Alexa UK covering Black History, he also focused on inclusive capabilities for those who had lost their sight by working together with the Royal National Institute for Blind People. He worked with the NHS and UK Government to launch new features during the pandemic to help millions get access to essential health advice and government guidance. During this period the news cycle was responsible for poor mental health for millions of Alexa customers so Karol pioneered a joint venture with DMG group Metro Newspaper to allow customers to ask daily “Alexa, Give some good news”. 

This award is testament to Karol's inclusive leadership and inclusive product innovation; courageous values and his impact in inspiring the next generation of diverse and inclusive leaders from underrepresented groups through his founding of BLIX Network. 


Listen to why Karol Ussher created BLIX in his conversation with Edima Inyang, BLIX Managing Director:












What is BLIX?


BLIX is a network of senior business leaders that offer time, knowledge and guidance to help progress diverse talent for free. We provide knowledge talks, workshops and mentorship to underrepresented candidates. We assist mentees in getting interviews, getting hired and getting ahead in their careers.

 We champion as competitive advantage, the value of diversity of thought that comes from diverse ethnicities, experiences and cultural heritages. Technology is used by everybody and we believe the creators of this technology should not be homogenous teams. Instead, these teams should be inclusive and representative of the diversity of its customers. 

We endeavour to elevate a new generation of inclusive and diverse leaders that will value this diversity and in turn open the door for others, and so change happens.

Come join us on this mission.

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