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Frequently Asked Questions

Mentoring Sessions 


Q: Why should I consider mentoring, is it important? 

A: Mentors act as role models and make mentees feel more confident in their choice of careers.
Mentors support you and empower you to achieve your goals. They help you to build your network of senior leaders who will support your career progress and personal development.


Q: Why should I book a session with a BLIX mentor?

A: You can ask questions about career paths or skills of your interest.  Each session is tailored to the mentee’s needs and interests. With these sessions, mentees get the opportunity to build their network with contacts in the roles and industry, they aspire to be.

Q: Do I need to be from a particular background/university?

A: No. We welcome all. We aim to build leaders that value diversity and inclusion. This means everyone in, nobody out. no one excluded.

Q: How much is it?
A: Book as many sessions here It’s all FREE!

Q: Are the sessions 1on1 or group sessions? 

A: It's a one-on-one session. However, we have one-to-many sessions through online knowledge sharing events. Check our upcoming events here

Q: How many sessions can I book?
A: As many as you’d like with as many mentors based on your interest. 

Q: How do the sessions take place?
A: Online via Zoom, Google Meet or another video conferencing.

Q: Are the sessions video-based?
A: Depends on your preference and agreement with the mentor. It’s up to you, audio or video. 

Q: How do I book a session with a mentor?

A: First, choose your mentor. Book time via mentor’s  Calendly link on their profile page. Finally, meet the mentor via zoom or google meet. Find BLIX mentors here

Q: What are the Mentors’ job roles?
A: Areas of BLIX mentors knowledge and experience but not limited to the following: Interview, CV, cover letter, AI, ML, Big data, product management, finance, technical sales, partnership, data analytics, software development, design thinking, entrepreneurship, venture capital, digital marketing, business consulting & management, E-commerce, financial planning, presentation & pitching, cloud governance & technologies, DE&I, etc. 

Q: What happens if the mentor does show up for our session?

A: Give a 5-7mins wait. Sometimes there’s a bit of delay due to mentors jumping  from one business meeting to another. Send an email or LinkedIn message. Then email to if a mentor doesn’t show up for your meeting session. 

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