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Business Leaders 

for Inclusion through Knowledge eXchange

BLIX Advisory Network

Give More. Grow More. Be More.

BLIX is a community of Business Leaders championing

Inclusion & Diversity through 1-to-1 Advisory Sessions and

1-to-Many Knowledge eXchange talks.

We are made up of experienced leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals that share our knowledge & experience to help the development of the next generation of inclusive leaders.

Advisors share leadership lessons, learnings, experiences, business advice, and guidance to help to grow and develop aspiring leaders and each other.

Mentors from


What our network offers?

Leadership Lessons

Lessons in leadership from successful leaders on their biggest learnings & what they wish they knew earlier in their careers.

Inclusive Leadership

Our Advisors represent diverse spectrum of backgrounds, ethnicities, skill-sets and experiences. We champion Inclusive Leadership.

Knowledge eXchange

Advisors share their knowledge on a topic of passion or interest. Through 1:1 mentorship with other community members or 1:N Talks.

Why Diversity Drives Innovation - Judith Williams
Thinking Digital Conference

Why Diversity Drives Innovation - Judith Williams

Our Stats for H2 2020

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BLIX Mentee Testimonials

“On BLIX network I've found the mentors to be intelligent, formidable and mostly KIND. They posses valuable insights on current industry skills and are willing to share their expertise generously. ..I leave every one-to-one session with my mentors more enlightened and inspired to take action towards achieving my goals. 

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Edima Inyang

Marketing Professional

After attending a few mentoring sessions on interview preparation, I feel more confident in approaching future interviews.

 I think BLIX is a great platform to learn from others in the industry. I will recommend the platform to my network and continue to utilise all the platform offers.


Melisa Noel

President of KUCSS

“incredibly helpful. Not only has my mentor continued to reinforce anything is possible and instilled great confidence in me, he gives practical advice resulting in action that produces tangible results for my business. If I can gain this much value from a couple of sessions, I'm excited to see where I'll be and what i'll have learnt 6 months from now.”


Erika Clifford

Co-founder @Just Recruit 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use for change 

Nelson Mandela

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