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Our Principles 

We, at BLIX network are committed to model the attitude and behaviour that advocate principles of diversity and inclusion in our society. #notonmywatch

"It's no longer good enough not to be a racist. We need to be anti-racist." -Rene Carayol 

Who we are

BLIX is a network of business leaders championing inclusion & diversity through free 1-to-1 advisory sessions,

1-to-Many Knowledge eXchange talks & workshops.

We are experienced leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who share our knowledge & advise the next generation of

inclusive leaders to champion diversity and racial equity.

Advisors share leadership lessons, career tips and business advice to help the advancement of inclusive and diverse future leaders.

"If we open the door for inclusive and diverse candidates, they will open the door for others".


"We value the inputs from everyone equally. Everyone in, nobody out." 


"We make our knowledge, expertise and career lessons available to all for free to empower others."


"We embrace diverse thought, culture, race, ethnicity, background and experience."


"We proactively lift up the historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in our community."

Our community in numbers

Mentoring Sessions


The # mentoring sessions mentors have completed with mentees.

Knowledge Workshops


The # of expert Knowledge eXchange workshops we have hosted

Senior Leaders


The # of Senior business leaders available as BLIX Mentors 

Community Members


Members booking free sessions & attending knowledge exchange events

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