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KX Event: Racial Bias Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Be aware that racial bias is not creeping into algorithms; it is already there! - Mike Bugembe

AI is becoming more prevalent and controls more aspects of our life. There are algorithms which are inherently biased towards people of colour and mixed backgrounds. How do we prevent this and ensure the necessary checks are made.

Mike Bugembe, an author and founder of Lens talks us through the implications of skewed dataset used to develop algorithms for machine learning, artificial intelligence products.

These bias exists mainly because there are no regulations or policy accountability around the data that is used to train the algorithms - this data is often reflective of the systematic biases that exist in our society. We can ALL play a part in fixing this by joining our existing superpowers (which is our domain knowledge) with the language of data.

When we are AI literate, we can join the conversation; we'll automatically add a new dimension to the creation of data algorithms with the ability to identify bias where data scientists typically won't.

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