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Hi there! 😊

My name is Edima. I'm super excited to be part of BLIX. I'm responsible for inclusive mentorship program and I lead the amazingly smart group of volutneers @ Team BLIX to grow our diverse & inclusive community.

Why I joined BLIX?

1. As a BLIX mentee - If I want to be the best in my career then I must learn from the best. BLIX offers me access to a wide spectrum of diverse senior business leaders who

  • advice me on my career direction,

  • coach me on skills to develop and

  • champion my personal growth and success.

2. As a BLIX team leader - I get this rare opportunity to meet the most amazing people in the tech industry while developing key business skills, leadership, people and project management, communication, interpersonal skills.

3. To learn & grow together with great minds advocating diversity and inclusion.

Please drop me an email: team@blix.network if you have any questions.

You can book some time with me here: https://calendly.com/edima-inyang-blix-connect-30min/get-to-know-blix-network

Connect with me: Edima Inyang | LinkedIn

Cheers 😊

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