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Join date: Apr 26, 2021

About me

Who Am I?

I have over 15 years experience in various leadership and program management roles in global companies. Currently I lead the Hiring and Onboarding Training team for EMEA and have been working in Google for the last 10 years. Before Google, I started my career at the BBC, launching multiplatform training programs for TV and radio teams back when social and web were totally new in the media space. But my first ever job was teaching English as a foreign language while I was still in school - I have always enjoyed teaching and mentoring! I have lived all over the world and never had a long-term plan for my career - I still don't! I believe in being open to opportunities and possibilities for growth, and this attitude has shaped my coaching and leadership style.

Why I Joined Blix?

I have always enjoyed mentoring and coaching. I recently brought a 4-day intensive coaching course to all managers within my org in EMEA because I truly believe good coaching is key to good leadership. I value being exposed to a diversity of opinion and inclusivity in all aspects of work and personal life, and I hope to learn and gain from this mentoring experience as well as to give. Equity of opportunity is important if we are to move towards a more equitable society, and access to mentoring and a leadership network is a part of this.

How I can help?

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Coaching and career development

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