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Join date: Sep 11, 2020

About me

Why I joined BLIX?

I'm excited to be part of a community that champions diversity & inclusion as competitive advantage. We live in a more diverse world that requires Inclusive leadership (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-inclusive-leadership-how-can-benefit-your-karol-ussher/). I want to be part of a movement to inspire the next generation of inclusive leaders through guidance, lessons and mentorship from experienced Inclusive Leaders.

Mentor Sessions I can provide for you

10X Thinking from Google

To improve things 10% you need to think incrementally. You need to think in the current paradigm. Google's 10X thinking forces you to reframe the problem and approach it from first principles in the quest to achieve 10X return. It pushes you beyond existing models and forces you to totally reimagine how to approach it.You can apply this thinking to your startup, work projects or career.

Working Backwards from Amazon

Amazon's approach to product development is known as "Working Backwards". All projects work backwards from the ideal customer end state. This usually starts with a mock press release announcing the finished product. It forces you to think not about the technology or limitations but about exciting and igniting your customer base with a product that is news worthy. It forces you to think in complete solutions and also contains a FAQ to cover potential customer and stakeholder questions.

Interview Excellence

There are a set of common guiding principles, techniques and frameworks to ensure you effectively communicate your experiences, skills and achievements. I will also share the different styles and preparation required for each company.

Ask Me Anything

I'm happy to join a call and answer any questions you might have. This can be to help you shape your career direction, personal development and goals. After 15 years in Big Tech I'm also happy to share leadership lessons and answer any question you may have.

Book time with me here:

Let me know which session you would like to run and send me over a brief on your background, goals and objectives.


Favourite Leadership Lesson

Progression is so much more important than perfection. If you want to get it perfect you'll never start and certainly never finish. The secret is to start with a draft, get feedback, iterate & improve. Perfection is the enemy of progress.Don't be afraid to fail & don't be afraid to ask.

Bio: Karol is a proven people, product and thought leader who has pioneered Global programs, launched new business offerings, created ecosystems and improved products at the leading technology companies. He has lead teams at Alexa, AWS, Google and Microsoft. Karol combines big thinking, a drive for results, sharp business acumen, understanding of ecosystem success and hands on technical expertise.


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