Maria Koskin

Maria Koskin

BLIX Leader
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Join date: Sep 17, 2020

About me

Why I joined BLIX?

At first I was impressed by the importance that BLIX holds towards diversity and inclusion, and the accessibility it offers people with their mentors. Joining BLIX, I was really happy to become a part of this amazing and progressive community.

My Role

I am responsible for onboarding new speakers and managing BLIX bi-weekly Knowledge eXchange Talks.

Bio from LinkedIn

Currently in my penultimate year of BSc Business Management, I am actively developing soft and hard skills by taking part in many societies and events, in and out of university. This allows me to discover a wide range of industries in which I want to take part as I advance in my academic journey. I have a deep interests in the consulting and HR industries, and strive to enhance my knowledge in their different branches. linkedin.com/in/maria-koskin-69129a195

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