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Mamonaheng Koenane

Mamonaheng Koenane

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Join date: Feb 12, 2022

About me

I was born and raised in Lesotho, at a very young age I travelled around the world to pursue my studies, work and embrace new cultures. I studied Computer Science in Ireland and then continued to live and work within the IT social entrepreneurship communities. Now back home in Lesotho, I co-founded one of the first coding academies in the country and recently founded of Impact School, a non-profit digital school. I would like to learn from other members within this network and grow while also sharing my experiences with them in this entrepreneurial journey.

Impact School
My Hobbies
Travelling, Jogging
Why did I join BLIX?
To network, learn and share my experiences with other members.
I like BLIX because
There's alot of people from very diverse fields.
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