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About me

Hi, I'm Novnish Ramesh, from France. I'm a content marketer & strategist, currently working for a huge multinational. I've 10 years of experience. I've worked in small startups to huge multinationals across 5 different industries.

I am an Author, an Amazon bestseller, a Blogger, a Podcaster, a Speaker, a LinkedIn micro-influencer, a coach to business leaders, and marketing executives and an Advisor to SMB’s,

Leaders cracking their heads, worried, desperate, hopeless, confused, lost, successful, happy, confident, living like a star, floating in the clouds. I've seen businesses fail and grow exponentially. I've helped all of them grow, generate leads, and make meaningful connections through content marketing & strategy.

I have trained myself from the teachings provided by master gurus: Rich Schrafen, Jay Abraham, Ann Handley, Richard Brunsen, Joe Pulluzi, Andy Castodina, Gary Vaynerchuck, neil Patel......

I can teach you everything about content marketing to help you or your business grow, form meaningful connections and generate leads with proven strategies.

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