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About me

Hi, my name is Paul Russell and I work as a Business Development Leader for IBM. I help customers understand how technology ( I focus on workplaces, smart buildings and cities ) can help achieve transformation. I am a design thinking practitioner which is a skill I have developed over my career ( before IBM I worked in electronics and construction & engineering industries). By focusing on diverse (design ) thinking I can encourage people to look for blind spots in their approach to solving problems which can help them challenge bias in their organisation. With a combination of a technology background reaching back 30 years and a senior leadership role managing diverse teams and complex issues, I believe I can help Blix members uncover a great way to develop an open mindset.

Diverse thinking helps find those blind spots that matter most

I gear my sessions to people who are curious about thinking differently whether they are in a startup mindset or looking for new job opportuntities. I love sharing my real world examples to help people develop an inquiring approach to learn more and I can hep pinpoint resources to help them further. My LinkedIn profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulrussellibm/

This post might help people understand a little more https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/youre-design-thinking-paul-russell/ To Book a meeting please use the following link: https://calendly.com/prussell-ibm

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I am a design thinker at heart and help customers ( and on other mentor schemes ) to approach solving problems with a different mindset. My role at IBM has given me a great opportunity to explore how technology and the human being come together to make a difference, and how a much more human centric approach to using technology wisely can be a huge benefit to organisations and individuals alike. I