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Join date: May 10, 2021

About me

About me

A proud son of refugees. Saw what it meant to work hard. Made mistakes but stayed humble and curious. Took risks and treated others with respect. Spent the last decade at Google learning from the best and doing good work.

Why I joined BLIX

I want to use the experiences I've gained and share the lessons I've learned for the benefit of others, particularly those earlier on in their journey. I recognise that I have benefited from the luck of having people champion me and see potential when others didn't, and hope to inspire others to reach their own potential.

Mentor Sessions I can provide for you

How to interview in Tech

I'll help pull back the curtain on what interviewers really look for in an interview in Tech; how to prepare for your interviews so you ace them; de-bunk some myths along the way!

Career Development in Tech

Having pivoted across multiple roles and teams, I'm happy to share my learnings including both wins and mistakes and what my mentoring advice would be for your specific situation.

Ask Me Anything

I'm happy to join a call and answer any questions you might have. This can be to help you shape your career direction, personal development and goals. After 10 years in Big Tech I'm also happy to share leadership lessons and answer any question you may have.

Book time with me here:

Let me know which session you would like to run and send me over a brief on your background, goals and objectives via the Blix site!

  • Career Guidance
    I provide mentoring sessions on this topic. Book time with me to learn more.