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BLIX mentoring sessions is a rewarding experience for senior business leaders and beneficial for future leaders to have role models championing for their success. 

Hear from our mentors and mentees

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Tell us about your BLIX experience

We'd love to hear from you! | For support, email:

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BLIX Tribe of Mentors

You have proven the power of mentorship yet individuals need to hear from you to understand the value it could bring to their personal and professional lives. 

This is why hearing from you will not only raise awareness, but will also enable the world to see the impact YOU bring to their lives.

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BLIX Mentees

We hope you are having a good experience at BLIX; networking and building valuable relationships and learning from BLIX tribe of mentors. 

We would love to hear from you, share your success story, let us know which BLIX mentors impacted your career or growth.

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