BLIX advisory session is a rewarding experience for senior business leaders and beneficial for future leaders to have role models championing for their success. 

Mentees Experience 

Jameela-BLIX Mentee.jpeg

"I joined because I wanted to benefit from the vast knowledge and experiences of  senior leaders. My mentor has been supportive and provided me with useful feedback on my CV. I will recommend BLIX Network because the mentors are willing to help you achieve your career or personal goals."

— Jameela Chowdhury,



“My experience with BLIX Network has been positive from becoming a mentee to joining the leadership team. I feel joining the BLIX network has allowed me to learn new things as well as build my skills and network.  If I never joined BLIX Network, I would have missed out on lots of opportunities to grow. ”

— Melissa Noel,

Student President

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"On BLIX network I've found the mentors to be intelligent, formidable and mostly KIND. They posses valuable insights on current industry skills and are willing to share their expertise, and resources generously. I am more enlightened and inspired to take action towards achieving my goals after every advisory session."

— Edima Inyang 

Assistant Sales Manager

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"Incredibly helpful. Not only has my mentor continued to reinforce anything is possible and instilled great confidence in me, he gives practical advice resulting in action that produces tangible results for my business. If I can gain this much value from a couple of sessions, I'm excited to see where I'll be and what I'll have learnt 6 months from now."

— Erika Clifford,

Co-founder @Just Recruit

Mentors Spotlight